Céli Lee is a Chinese born British painter, sculptor, visual designer and musician.

Ever since moved to London in 2008, Céli has been producing an extensive range of works in the form of painting, drawing, sculpture, film and photography.

She released her first album in 2015 under the band name MU together with Sergio Calderón. During the following three years, they explored different genres, recording techniques and released four more instrumental albums. The Eternal Dice is the debut album of the duo released with their own names in 2020 via ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE.

Céli is also the co-founder of ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE along with Sergio Calderón, where the duo release their own music recordings, books and other merchandise.


∙ Iron String, (2021)
∙ The Eternal Dice, (2020)
∙ A Journal of Transform, (2018)
∙ L’impossible, (2016)
∙ Stereo (2015)

Selected Artworks

∙ A Journal of Transform series (2018). Drawing, graphite
∙ Silk of A Soul (2018). Drawing, graphite
∙ A Peaceful Moment (2018). Drawing, graphite, pastel
∙ Between the walls (2018). Drawing, pastel, ink, 24k gold leaf
∙ To Athena (2017). Sculpture, white earthenware clay
∙ Attempt series (2017). Drawing, graphite, pastel
∙ A Pool Of Dreams (2017). Drawing, graphite
∙ Lamp (2017). Sculpture, white earthenware clay
∙ At The Mountains Of Madness series (2016). Drawing, graphite
∙ Two Figures series (2016). Sculpture, white earthenware clay
∙ Fable Of Three Friends To Be Sung In Rounds (2015). Drawing, mixed media
∙ Entering A Crack In The Texture Of Reality (2015). Drawing, graphite
∙ Midnight Gaze (2015). Drawing, graphite, pastel
∙ Death & Resurrection (2014). Drawing, graphite
∙ Two Figures In Transformation (2014). Drawing, graphite
∙ Head of a fairy (2014). Sculpture, white earthenware clay with glazing
∙ New born series (2012). Drawing, graphite
∙ Lines of thought (2012). Drawing, graphite


∙ There's More To Be Found (2020). Music video
∙ Midnight Song (2020). Music video
∙ The Northern World (2020). Music video
∙ CHIMERAS (2016). Film, live audiovisual show
∙ Impossible Yes (2015). Short film
∙ MONDAY (2015). Short film
∙ STRANGELOVE (2015). Short film
∙ Raúl Ruiz (2014). Short film
∙ Epoch 4 (2013. Short film
∙ Clone (2013). Music video
∙ Dream odyssey (2012). Short film

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